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Publishing FAQ

What does Rushwave publish?

Rushwave publishes Bible teaching resources on Christian living, Bible books, and theology authored by Bert Davidson.

What media types does Rushwave publish?

Each Rushwave publication is available as a hardcover book, paperback book, e-book, audiobook, and video.

Are publications available outside the United States?

Each Rushwave publication is available in almost every country of the world. See how to obtain our publications to learn more.

How often are new works published?

Rushwave strives to publish between 3-6 works per year, or one new work every 3-4 months.

Are publications available in all media types simultaneously?

While Rushwave strives to make all publications available in print, e-book, audio and video at the same time, this is not always possible. Each media type has its own production process. And to ensure the publication meets our high quality standards, additional processing may delay the release date.

How can I know when a new work is available?

Notice of newly published works will be posted on the "Recents Posts" section at the top of the homepage, and subscribers to Rushwave updates will be notified of all new postings.

Are there plans to publish a daily devotional?

Any Rushwave work easily lends itself to a daily devotional, even though there is neither a suggested reading plan nor a specific publication with that title. Books are organized systematically into short, easy to read chapters, with later chapters building upon truths from earlier chapters. For this reason, it is recommended to read a book in sequential chapter order. Such reading can be done on a daily basis, thereby fulfilling the same purpose as a daily devotional.

May manuscripts be submitted for consideration to be published?

Rushwave does not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions. If you are an aspiring author, please submit your manuscript to another reputable publisher, or consider going the self-publishing route.

Are Rushwave publications available in other languages?

Currently Rushwave only publishes works in English, but part of the roadmap is to have these works translated into other languages.

Can I translate Rushwave publications?

Translation is a tedious process that requires special care to ensure the translation carries the author's original intent. Translating any publication would require a Foreign Rights License with Rushwave. If you are a publisher interested in acquiring translation rights, please contact us and provide your publishing company contact information, notable publications, distribution channels, and references. Also please identify the works you are interested in translating, and in what language(s).

How may Rushwave publications be obtained?

See how to obtain our publications for more information.

Whom do I contact for issues regarding an order?

The sale, order processing, distribution, shipping, downloading and refund of any Rushwave publication is managed by the third party company through whom the publication was ordered. As such, it is subject to their terms, conditions and refund policies. Please contact the third party for resolution of any issue.

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