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Bible Book series

A Bible Book series provides a systematic, verse-by-verse, expositional Bible book study that is both immersive and practical.

The Bible contains many different genres, and each individual book has its own characteristics. A Bible "book" may be a letter from an apostle to a church, a collection of proverbs, a collection of songs, a historical account of a series of events, or a prophetic vision.

The authors of these "books" came from different backgrounds with some having been shepherds, fisherman, scholars, or kings. And just as every person has their own manner of speaking, even so these books reflect different writing styles. There are also certain passages that reflect cultural factors which would have made perfect sense thousands of years ago when the book was written, but now looking at the same passage with modern eyes it is difficult to understand. It is because of all these dynamics a Bible book series covers four critical areas.

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