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Establishing Believers in the Christian Faith

"The Christian Faith" series

The Christain faith is comprised of the body of spiritual truths God revealed to man. These truths were related through His holy prophets, His only Son Jesus Christ, and the apostles Christ commissioned.

The Christian Faith series is designed to give an overview of these teachings. For all practical purpose, it can be considered a highly detailed Statement of Faith or Statement of Teaching in several subcategories.

  1. The Gospel details God's good news and identifies various ways it is corrupted by man adding to or taking away from it.
  2. The Bible Story is a chronological account of biblical history covering God's triune existence, angels, the creation, the fall, and the formation of the nation of Israel up to the birth of the church.
  3. Church Vision provides an overview of purpose, origin, nature, culture, and rites of the universal and local church, combined with teachings on church government, church membership, managing church conflict, and much more.
  4. Things to Come details the chronology of end time events from the rapture of the church, the antichrist, the tribulation, Christ' millenial reign, and the eternal state of a new heaven and new earth.

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