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Bert Davidson's Short Bio

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Bert was a staunch atheist through his youth and into college. In the early 1980's through the witness of his physics professor and neighborhood friend, Bert heard the good news of salvation but rebelled against it. He eventually converted to Christianity after God broke his hardened heart during a time of contemplation in a remote, mountainous location.

Bert resolved to leave college and immerse himself in Bible study and theology through extensive reading and study of the scriptures. He adopted a Berean mentality towards anything he read or heard by "searching the scriptures daily to see whether these things were so" (Acts 17:11).

Since his conversion Bert's life has been characterized by numerous forms of Christian service.

The book Why I Love God recounts Bert's conversion to Christianity in the context of the blessings of salvation, and it may be read, heard or watched.

Over the past several decades, Bert has written many works pertaining to God, Christianity, and the church. By God's grace these works are slowly being published through the ministry of Rushwave, the ministry he founded.

Bert's passion is to see believers have a sound faith and godly life by being rooted in a clear understanding of God's word and involved in a loving, godly local church.

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