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Establishing Believers in the Christian Faith

"Why I Love God" book contents

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Whether you are a skeptic, a new convert, or a mature Christian, you will greatly benefit from this book. "Why I Love God" systematically relates God's good news about salavation as seen in the life of Bert Davidson, the founder of

Citing numerous passages of scripture, Bert traces his life before his conversion, his solemn conversion experience, and the many radical changes and blessings that took place as a result of God's transforming power. An excellent resource for both believer and unbeliever alike.

Each chapter 3-5 minutes.

I: I Truly Love God

II: God Wrought Faith in Me

III: God Forgave All My Sins

IV: God Transformed Me

V: God Became My Heavenly Father

VI: God Gave Me a New Spiritual Family

VII: God Appointed Me to Inherit Eternal Life

VIII: You Can Have Eternal Life Too

ISBN information

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