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Establishing Believers in the Christian Faith

from the book Why I Love God

20: The Bad News

Friend you can have eternal life too. But you must first understand the bad news.

In these series of messages I have sought to convey several blessings I received from God.

All these things are not only real to me, but they are true. And this is God’s doing, not my own. All I did was trust Jesus Christ — the eternal Son of God sent from the Father to die for the sins of the world. I needed to be saved from the penalty God Himself was obligated in justice to impose on account of my sins. And when I trusted Him, at that very moment, He started a work in Me. And He will complete that work and bring me safely into His heavenly kingdom. He is my Shepherd, and I am His sheep. And I know the voice of my Shepherd; I will not follow the voice of a stranger. And no one, not even I myself, can pluck me from His loving hand.

But friend, what God did for me He desires to do for you also. Like me, your sins have separated you from God. It is not that He has been unwilling to save you. He has been pursuing you your whole life. The problem is not with Him, it is with you. Like me, you have hardened your heart against Him. Your conceptions of Him are misguided; your sense of what is right and wrong is completely distorted; and your understanding of spiritual things is as removed from you as colors are from a man born blind. Contrary to what you may think or the perception you have of yourself, you do not see.

You do not see.

And there is absolutely nothing in your life to commend you to God. Absolutely nothing.

from the book Why I Love God

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