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Establishing Believers in the Christian Faith

Rushwave Overview

The mission of Rushwave is to establish believers in the Christian faith through publishing, Bible study groups, church planting, worship music, and an annual retreat.

The Christian faith is comprised of an entire body of teachings about God, the hereafter, mankind, human nature, marriage, family, suffering, the future, and other everyday aspects of life. And the Christian faith draws these teachings from the Bible, which is the word of God as revealed through the Israelite prophets, Jesus Christ Himself, and the apostles Christ commissioned. So when we say the mission of Rushwave is to establish believers in the Christian faith, we mean the mission is to make believers strong in these biblical teachings so they are not tossed about amidst the waves of false teachings, lies, and distortions from the world.


Rushwave publishes Bible teaching resources that are authored by Bert Davidson. Each publication is usually part of a series and is available in several versions: print (hardcover and paperback), e-book, audiobook and video.

Bible Study Groups

Rushwave provides live Bible studies to small groups. These studies may be held in-person and/or online, and often correspond to a current of forthcoming Rushwave publication. The study link provides a comprehensive list of Bible studies/current-forthcoming publications.

Church Planting

Rushwave plants new, independent, non-denominational churches that are founded upon the historic teachings of the Christain faith. These churches aim to be primarily comprised of new converts, and are led by godly Elders who are able to teach and lead by example.

Worship Music

Rushwave composes and writes melodious worship music that glorifies God through lyrics that reflect His marvelous works and grace.

Annual Retreat

Rushwave coordinates an annual retreat called the Course Corrections retreat. The retreat is generally held at a National Park or some other scenic, inspirational location that magnifies God's creation. Those wishing to attend make their own arrangements at a nearby hotel, cabin, RV park, or campground.

For detailed information about these ministries, visit the About page.

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