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Church Planting Strategy

Rushwave's primary strategy to plant churches is evangelistic outreach towards those who do not know Christ. The ministry of Paul and Baranabus, and also Paul and Silas, are examples of churches born this way.

Paul's first missionary journey with Barnabus was birthed through a supernatural call by God at the church of Antioch during a corporate time of prayer and fasting. Several churches were planted during that journey. Paul's second missionary journey with Silas was the result of a reasoned decision to revisit churches that had been established during the first journey, and it ultimately resulted in even more churches in other areas.

In both missionary journeys the gospel was preached, people came to the Lord, churches were formed, and resident pastors (also called Elders or Overseers) were appointed. These churches were the continued object of care even after Paul and his associates left to minister elsewhere. (Acts 13:1-3; 15:36-41).

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