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Establishing Believers in the Christian Faith

Church Teachings

It is crucial to understand every single local church throughout history has a set of teachings on which it is built. Even if a local church takes no definitive position on a certain issue or topic, that is in itself a position. The question, therfore, is not whether a local church has a set of teachings it regards as comprising the Christian faith. It is rather a question of what those teachings are, how well that church communicates and defends those positions, and whether the positions themselves parallel God's revelation in scripture.

Planting a church is an exceedingly grave, serious responsibility. It involves rightly communicating God's revelation in His word, living a holy life that parallels that word, leading God's people in that word, and ultimately answering to God Himself as He judges according to that word. Rushwave therefore takes great care to ensure the teachings of the Christian faith are clearly identified, delineated, communicated, defended, and entrusted to godly men who meet Elder qualifications (1 Timothy 3:1-7). Anything short of this is to fail in the holy commission of planting a church.

The church planting ministry, as with all Rushwave ministries, promotes and defends the teachings of the Christian faith.

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